We are looking for developers with knowledge in WordPress and related technologies.

* WordPress — The basics
* PHP — The basics
* HTML, CSS, SCSS — Advanced
* Plain JS — Medium
* ReactJS — Nice to have experience

You’ll be responsible for creating partial elements using an existing framework, and existing coding guidelines.
Nothing special, but you need to be good at writing semantic HTML code and use CSS techniques like flexbox, custom properties, etc.

The framework is created in a way that you don’t even need to know how WordPress is built. But a basic knowledge of PHP is required.

This is a long term partnership.

To apply, see the following checklist and make sure to answer all of them. If you skip one of these requirements, we’ll ignore your email.

* What’s your experience?
* What projects have you done and what was your role? Please provide some examples of your best work.
* We need to see your coding skills. Could you please provide some source code for your open-source or private projects?
* What’s your level based on the requirements above?
* What’s your hourly rate?
* Where are you from? Even this is a remote job, we need to know your timezone.