Our company provides consulting and technical services to companies in the print manufacturing market. We get lots of requests for WordPress work, which we have been declining for some time.

We want to have a long-term partnership with a WordPress expert. We are NOT looking for a developer. We are looking for someone who is a WordPress expert who’s primary skill is to make WordPress sing without custom development needed (e.g. optimize themes, optimize plugins).

You must keep up to date with WordPress, know how to troubleshoot issues, understand the plugin landscape, be familiar with the theme libraries available. We want our customers to have full control of their websites – not have to be reliant on a developer to make changes. We want to keep them on the “configuration” path and off the “custom code path”.

You would be an independent contractor working under our brand. We would engage you on a project by project basis. We may give you so much work that you need to create a team under you to keep up.

If you love working in WordPress but you hate sales, marketing, and account management – then we are the perfect match. We find your customers, you do your magic, we take care of everything else.