the site to be built is :  eatnowuk.com

it is a restaurant directory site concentrating on the London and Devon areas of England, UK

a Template and data-call plugin are installed
these are the same building blocks from which the 2 sites

were built.

we want our site to be exactly like
except for color scheme, logo & favicon & icons, contact details, an so on, customizations.

another change we want is for the Google Map with pins, which is the Top Image at
to replace the photo which is the Top Image at

the necessary Google APIs are installed.

detailed instructions from the Template creator are provided on how to create a site exactly like
and I can give you access to that series of videos

However, that is not the functionality that we want.
has the functionality that we want.

The creator of
has not provided detailed instruction on his changes

However, the differences are that the site is showcasing Bell Media’s restaurant clients
who are hooked into the Gloria Food online ordering system

and into Bell Media’s own Contact Reach (VIP & Loyalty Clubs Coupon functionality) and Birthday apps (custom date SMS & MMS marketing)

we are a Gloria Food partner and hold licenses for all Bell Media apps
so you don’t need to re-create any functionality, just to hook it all up

we also want you to scrape the Evening Standard’s list of Open Restaurants in London
and make sure that all those restaurants are on

https://www.standard.co.uk/go/ london/restaurants/restaurant- reopening-dates-confirmed- a4474111.html

the plugin should fetch every restaurant in London, including all those on the ES site, but we want to be sure.

Please let me have ballpark figures on
1.  how long it would take you to do that
2. what your fee would be
3. any questions you have