ThemeSphere is looking for a dedicated and empathetic person to join our Customer Support team. The main job is to assist users with setting up our WordPress themes, while delighting and educating them to use our themes with best practices, resulting in happy and loyal customers.

What we’re looking for is a mix of excellent English communication skills, compassion, lots of patience, and great WordPress knowledge.

Work Details and Tasks:

  • Helping Customers with Themes: Answering questions related to installation, theme features/options, and guiding on customizations using built-in options or, if needed, via Custom CSS/other methods.
  • Troubleshooting any bugs/issues, offering workarounds where possible, and creating bug reports.
  • Writing/updating documentation and user guides about theme features.
  • Testing theme features on new releases of the themes and plugins.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent written communication skills, avoiding jargon, and making technical language easy to understand.
  • HTML & CSS Skills: You will often have to help users with small CSS edits. Experience with tools like Chrome Dev Tools is required.
  • WordPress experience of 2+ years for setting up websites from scratch.
  • WordPress Themes & Basic PHP knowledge: To modify themes and do small customizations like creating a custom page template with PHP.
  • A kind and calm personality with a lot of patience, empathy and kindness to deal with and to guide users.
  • Problem-solving skills to solve novel problems with elegant solutions.
  • Ability to setup WordPress on your own computer (using FlyWheel Local, MAMP or similar).
  • Self-motivated, curious to learn and grow, and ability to work remotely with full dedication (high activity level required).

Bonus Points & Skills:

  • Previous Support Experience.
  • JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Elementor Page Builder.
  • WordPress custom themes from scratch.
  • WordPress plugin development.

Benefits and About Us:

We’re a small but passionate team that has served ~26,500 customers worldwide (Envato Market Profile). We’re continuously evolving, updating and launching new products, and always improving our skills in the process.

  • Stability: We believe in long-term relationships and job stability. Our current support lead has been with us for 7 years.
  • Learning: We provide an opportunity to learn both in the available free time and provide guidance to improve support skills in monthly shared advice, with examples.
  • 10 paid leaves per year (2 consecutive).
  • Up to 50% of monthly salary bonus based on yearly performance review.
  • Informal and relaxed remote job environment with rarely any pressure of tight deadlines.
  • No discrimination. Equal opportunity for everyone no matter who you are.


The salary offer will vary largely based on skills and experience and whether or not you’re the right fit for the job. On average, we offer USD 10 / hour, varying by support skill and rank.

Instructions for Applying:

Apply here: https://themesphere.breezy.hr/p/e8a3b95eec94

Click the apply link, and fill in all the required fields. Further, add an answer to the following question in your Cover Letter:

– Using Dev Tools, find the exact color code used on div with class .hero-background-image (the large hero section below logo).