This website is for the teachers who do online classes. They do classes via Zoom. But students share the zoom link with other students who are not part of the class and haven’t paid for learning. So I am building this site to help address this issue.

I use BuddyBoss + LearnDash + WISDM Instructor Role for the LearnDash plugin. This way teachers get their own dashboard as well. So they can create/edit the course content.

I also use woocommerce subscription on this website. This is because students are paying every month. Also, I do not charge students from my website directly. Every teacher has his own link that linked to their bank. (This is from a local payment gateway) So payments are going directly to the teacher’s bank.

So once a student pay for the class, the teacher is issuing a woocommerce coupon code to the student. The student can use it to checkout and enrols in the course/class.

Next month, the teacher again sends a link to the student and he/she has to pay and renew the subscription. If they do not pay, the teacher should be able to put the student on hold via woocommerce subscriptions order page. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqp68b4xoxuo0bt/Change%20order%20status.png?dl=0)

Aslo when a student Enrols in a LearnDash course, he/she will be automatically enrolled in to a LearnDash group. and then to a BuddyBoss group. These features are already there.

The issue.

1. I use WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash plugin to give teachers a dashboard. But this dashboard doesn’t have access to woocommerce subscriptions section (where you can Put On Hold/Reactivate).

2. Also Woocommerce coupons are not available to them.

3. If a student failed to pay and the teacher put him on hold, The student no longer have access to the Leandash course or Leandash group. But he/she still have access to the buddyboss group. Students should be automatically removed from the buddyboss group as well since they are on hold.

My Requirements.

1. I want to give teachers access to change subscription status. (Checkout image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqp68b4xoxuo0bt/Change%20order%20status.png?dl=0) (A Teacher can only change the status of his own products. )

2. I want to give access to coupons too. So teachers can create coupons. (A Teacher can only create coupons for his products.)

3. When teacher put a student on hold he/she should be removed from the buddyboss group. If the teacher reactivates the student’s account, he/she should get the access back automatically.

Please let me know if you are unclear about anything.

Thank You