The website is essentially a creative talent networking website which encourages the sharing of a profiles activity with other profiles who have specified a corresponding interest.

I’d like the website to be build in WordPress. I’m open to customisation of existing themes and off the shelf plugins if necessary. With particular favour to the Divi theme as this is what I use to create websites myself and so am very familiar with it. I create WordPress websites myself but don’t know how to code hence I couldn’t do this myself due to the custom functionality. But I encourage the use of existing plugins if necessary as I’m familiar with configuring plugins so feel well positioned should I want to change any settings.

What I’d like to create is a website with a WordPress theme and relevant plugins and custom development whereby people can…

  • Create a profile which will feature a profile picture and picture gallery, vanity metrics, media which exhibits their craft/discipline (audio, image, video or equivalent social web links), small paragraph about themselves and an optional wall/blog for user to populate
  • Private message other registered users
  • Instant chat with other registered users
  • Search for other users using a filter. Can filter by any variable on a profile.
  • Save searches
  • Set their preferences to receive activity updates from specified profiles
  • Broadcast/share chosen activity to specified profiles

You can have 3 types of account. The fundamental functions of an each account;

  • Account 1 – For a talent with a profile – limited amount of media
  • Account 2 – For a talent with a profile – unlimited amount of media (subscription)
  • Account 3 – For people with no media but just want to connect with talent

I can provide more detail on the above and also what I have in mind for a design and layout but this is just to give you an overview – I’m open to be flexible with functionality and design if you feel something you have in mind may work better for purpose.