Hello, I am creating my first site. I am using Kinsta as my host and a template from Astra. I need help personalizing the site and adding light content. There is not much information to add, but I would like help setting up the pages (home, about, services, f/q, contact) with the tabs and to make sure that the site in running correctly. I choose this theme because I thought it would be easier for me in the future to manage.



About Reharmonize Therapy and Wellness PLLC

I’m a a therapist, educator and yoga teacher, BIPOC, child-free by choice, sober curious, women who has dealt with a lifetime of ADHD symptoms and ongoing bouts of anxiety and playing small in life.
I believe EVERYONE deserves to live a life of self-love, balance, and beauty and that our education and mental health system woefully under prepare and recognize highly sensitive people and spiritually minded people. the goal is not to teach yoga, but to increase the knowledge and skills regarding the human condition.
Assisting in the understanding of Mind-Body-Spirit connection and finding and living the highest expression of themselves.