I have a couple WordPress plugin that I like to convert/customize. The two tasks are listed below. Looking for someone to help me with “any” of the below tasks or “both” of the below tasks.  I’m really hoping to minimize costs, so if you can convert an existing plugin, that would be preferred. I provide details below:

Task 1: I’ve got a quiz plugin operating on my website (“quiz maker”: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/quiz-maker/). I’m wondering if you can alter the existing Quiz maker Pro plugin? Namely, I want the quiz to:
1. generate custom feedback report based on the user’s quiz inputs (Multiple Choice Questions). The feedback report should appear at the end of each quiz, explaining all the correct answers. I can already do this with the existing quiz, but I have to use their template, I’m hoping to use my own template.
2. Enable Mulitple Choice conditional quiz. If in Q1, person chooses A, then the system will allocate another question, Q1.1A for the visitor. Q1.1A should not immediately follow Q1, but appear at a random order sometime after Q1. If the person chooses B for Q1, then the system will not allocate Q1.1A.

Task 2: Separately, I’m hoping for a map plugin with the following features:
1. Image map – allow me, the admin, to upload any image I want (jpg, png) to serve as the map. Currently WordPress has various map plugins (eg. https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-google-maps/) but these plugins use google maps. These map plugins don’t serve my needs because I want to use fictional fantasy maps that I’ve created. Users should be able to zoom in or zoom out of the map, as well as drag to move around on the map, similar to google maps.  The image map that I want is approx 1800x1800px.
2. Interactive map – areas on the image map should be clickable, and when mouse is moved over these areas, there should be a hover effect (eg. a red circle appears, around the clickable area). Currently, WP has clickable image plugins (eg. https://wpdrawattention.com/), but these plugins don’t have the zoom in/out map functions mentioned above.
3. Save data- If the user has logged in to their account on our website, all the points on the map that the user has clicked on before should be saved. These areas that has clicked on before represent places on the map that the user has visited in the past. We want the map to reflect this, by having markers (eg. the red circle mentioned above) around all these areas that the user has clicked on in the past.

Based on the above, can you please provide a rough quote for each task? Many thanks!