We’re looking for a theme developer who could customize a theme that we are using now -> http://gethomey.io/

The customization shall be in a child theme. We will provide the existing child theme that we have. We have a few features that we need to include in the theme such as,

  • Under browse listing page, to be able to show the YouTube video of each listing when someone mouseover the listing item in the listing grid. Here’s a screenshot -> https://nimb.ws/aBpTWS (it’s 100% safe to click on the URL because we use https://nimbusweb.me screenshot tool)
  • Email notification when there’s a private message. The theme comes with a private messaging feature but there’s no email alert. We need to alert the message recipient if there’s an incoming message. The theme also has an email template feature which you can make use of -> https://nimb.ws/AoizIy 
  • Time zone conversion feature. At the moment, the theme assumes host and guest (buyer and seller) are within the same time zone. Since we are using the hourly booking feature (meaning someone can book a place for hourly use), we need to tell the difference of timezone between the buyer (guest) and seller (host). Imagine this being used in many countries with different timezones. So, the guest (buyer) should be able to specify their timezone when they are booking and the site will display the time zone of buyer to the host (seller) and also auto-convert the timezone to the local time of the host (seller). Seller will have to indicate their local time zone when they sign-up.
  • Able to search based on a host’s (seller’s) name. Now, in the theme you can only search based on date and time.

We are a startup so we’re only looking for an affordable coder. However, we are looking for a long-term coder and we will have more future work for you, potentially full-time or permanent part-time too.