I’m building a WordPress site and I’m trying to use an existing WYSIWYG photo editor plugin like https://WordPress.org/plugins/wpimager/ to manipulate a photo. Instead of using my browser to manually change the filter of the photo or add text on the photo, I wish to do this programmatically at the server-side. Meaning that firstly, I use the plugin to create like an image template (like a canvas). Then, when someone orders a WooCommerce product on the site, the server randomly adds a photo filter and add a text from the WooCommerce product using that image template and save it as a PNG in the server.

To be more specific, I need to manipulate the image template by,
• Changing the background image filter and intensity. Like making it darker, brighter, sephia, etc. Do note that the image template may have two images on top of one another, like layers. I need to either change the background or front image
• Adding text on specific areas on the image. The template already predefined areas where to enter text. The server just needs to change the text
• Then save the image as PNG

I noticed that most of the code in the plugin is in JavaScript and JS is client-side scripting. Thus, I need to know if the above is possible? If yes, please explain how you plan to achieve it. Also, please let me know your fee.

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