Front End Developer needed for creating state of the art customer experience

What we’re looking for:
An experienced front end web developer to help build the Personal Genome Report application. We need someone to work on setting up custom Themes on WordPress, manage backend customer authentication and access, manage WordPress plugins, and security updates. The project is based on WordPress, Woocommerce. There is a style-guide specified in Zeplin, and some resources and company file in .styl format.

We need the following deliverables short term:
1. Merge all .style files with zeplin CSS into a WP theme, according to design latest version.
2. Assist with implementing customer login and access of customer report served on AWS CloudFront.
3. Further, develop interfaces using any Open API service/spec as an API adapter

To be competitive, the right developer will have experience in the following:
1. Creating WordPress themes (CSS, HTML, JS  and themes) and has contributed to a WP plugin.
2. Experience with WordPress and Woocommerce environment, libraries, frameworks, languages, unit tests, version control, APIs
3. Experience updating and modifying cart workflow in WooCommerce
4. Experience working with WP / WooCommerce DB and tables (Create / Modify / Update)
5. Storing form values into WP DB
6. Retrieving WP DB data using WP APIs.
7. Experience transitioning custom web app to WP
8. Health Care industry experience is ideal
9. Knowing the ecosystem of the HIPAA work environment and the work ethos of HIPAA is important.
10. Experience installing and managing MyPHPAdmin. Connecting with custom rest service.
11. Experience working with AWS cloud S3, EC2, Cloudfront
12. Understand version control, code review and code committing practices.
13. The attitude to see a task to completion. Take ownership and deliver.
14. Flexibility to work in a changing environment, and be able to call out uncertainties before beginning a task.
15. Able to work independently, yet be inclusive of feedback.

Long Term:
We see this person joining our team on a more consistent basis ad contributing to developing marketing and product pipelines.

The expectation from the candidate:
In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience and tell us about a recent web app you worked on.

The technical challenge during the evaluation phase:
Problem Statements
1. Solve a CSS / Styling problem
– Implement a theme in word press (we can either give you a zeplin file or a set of .styl files)
2.. Build a multi-step form based on the CSS and store the results of the form in a DB
3. Build a user login functionality (can use a plugin)
4. Call a custom service (API) based on the user login
5. Display the response of the custom (API) service using the CSS developed. The custom API will utilize an AWS API gateway.

About MyOme

About us:
We are an early stage personalized medicine company bringing genomics to the masses.

MyOme is dedicated to improving our customers' lives through genomics and personalized medicine.  MyOme provides its customers with comprehensive information about genetic factors that influence personal risk for disease, with a user-centric delivery model. We partner with independent physicians that will help you understand your personalized report. They will explain how relevant certain risk is for you and what steps you need to take to further understand or reduce your risk.