You are:

  • A fast-website-building, laser-precise-coding, flexible and adaptable web developer with at least one year of professional WordPress development experience.
  • Quality-control-focused, detail-oriented, with an approach to web development which emphasizes hygiene, functionality, canonical architecture, and cross-platform/browser functionality over pretty pictures, happy colors, and other fluffy buzz words which keep most web developers perpetually incapable of advancing their careers profitably.
  • Able to articulate why:
    – Above the fold is where web life ends and begins,
    – Scroll rate matters much more than your start date,
    – Exit pops are sweeter than lollipops,
    – Squeeze pages dig the tunnels which prop up digital funnels, and, of course:
    – Spiders rule the world wide web and why that fact does not flow, nor ebb.
  • Always seeking new knowledge and understand the difference between a 9 to 5 and a potentially life-altering career opportunity. We do have coffee, but it’s for closers only!
  • Empowered and emboldened by constructive criticism, emotionally unencumbered by rapidly evolving growing obstacles closing in on you at warp speed, excited by confronting and removing roadblocks, no matter how many cross your path or how huge and scary they may at first seem.

If hired, you will:

  • Build and maintain multiple proprietary WordPress websites, with increasing levels of desktop, mobile, search, advertising, multimedia, and lead generation functionalities constantly layered in, while measuring/optimizing page speed and user experience.
  • Be expected to engage in massive/ongoing, data/content aggregation, and dissemination efforts across multiple platforms and mediums on a rolling basis.
  • Be required to master project management, process creation, implementation, and role-replication while ensuring the successful documentation and dissemination thereof…so you can climb our food chain faster!
  • Be given rapid advancement opportunities within the organization upon initial role mastery on either a vertical (depth) or horizontal (width) track. Notice we pretty much rewrote that last one twice. Think about why…

Preferred Skills:

  • Verifiable professional WordPress development experience (preferably within a web-marketing organization/environment).
    Advanced PHP, HTML (5 preferred), CSS, JavaScript skill (verifiable educational substitute for professional experience will be considered).
    Adobe Suite/Cloud familiarity and comfort (specifically: Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom.
  • Ongoing student mentality, forum research, self-education, always on the hunt for new information, willing to take suggestions and follow leads on path of improvement.
  • Agile/Scrum experience, familiarity, and/or advanced theoretical comprehension.

Razor-Sharp, Phaser-Precise, Laser-Guided Directions:

Please submit your job application as a web-based portfolio inside of a neatly organized, cleanly built website, which clearly demonstrates your adherence to and understanding of all the principles and concepts outlined in the “You Are” section.

Please attach a custom cover letter which informs us about you as a person.

If you happen to have the tools (digital and proactive) to produce a video which addresses the requests of this advertisement without us having to waste time on back-and-forth chit-chat, that would be smashingly impressive, as well!

This will be your best opportunity to win us over with who you are, how awesome your doggo thinks you is, or any other fun, interesting, irreverent or cool tidbit about you.

Wanna wow us with a six-pager about how popping a pimple on prom night taught you the value of patience? Go for it!

Wanna tell us about why your bromantic crush on Tom Brady brought you to Tampa? Go nuts!


Just be warned:

If we see pictures of your dog, stories about your hometown, or, how grandma taught you to bake her famous strudel when you were five, inside of your web-based portfolio, then we gotta go:

Bye Felicia!!!

Most of all: be yourself and show us your skills, just remember that we’re seeking a soldier.

Welcome To The Dark Side,

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