We need someone that take care of an existing website. Website is born from an Entrada theme but changed with some implementations.
Current team have basic knowledge of wordpress and need support now and in the near future.

Right now, some checking and optimization tasks related with website speed must be done. Also maintenance updating to last WordPress version and fixing possible arising bugs.
In the other hand, some little things must be fixed.
In the near future, some support tasks and fixing tasks will be also required for website translation using WPML plugin. Planned for next weeks.
After that. Some implementations of new functionalities in website will need to be developed.

Candidates need to have a strong grounding in PHP and CSS, and good communication skills.

Also be available to provide advice or tech support to content editors as needed. Provide advice for long term development of look, feel, and flow of website. Provide support and ongoing maintenance of website. And ensure proper loading speed of website components and course.

Be available to troubleshoot, problem solve as issues arise, via email and respond as soon as possible to questions/requests, unless notice is provided that you will be unavailable.