We are looking to hire a Word Press designer to migrate our content to a new WP Theme, then customize and design the new site to our specifications. We would like to use X Theme Pro and Cornerstone. Below is more detail and information about the project. We are happy to answer questions and provide more detail. We are looking to develop a relationship with a good WP designer as we have additional websites (other business) that also need upgrading and we have clients that we work with that need website development.

Media276 Website Redesign – Q1 2018

Goal –  To update and refresh our brand in order to attract bigger and better clients (bigger budgets).

Target Audience / Industries

1) Healthcare

a. Hospitals – Usually they have Marketing departments, teams, and marketing directors.

b. Medium to large medical groups, specialists, or practices with multiple practitioners (not single doctor practices). These groups may not have a marketing department or an official marketing Director. Instead one of the owners or founding doctors may handle the marketing.

c. Healthcare support services – Labs, radiologists, etc.

d. Healthcare and service related Non-profits.


2) Development / Construction / Architecture

a. Developers – Construction management firms doing med to large scale construction projects (schools, medical facilities, etc.)

b. Architectural firms – Photography services can be a large aprt of the services offered. We need good portfolio stills’ galleries.

c. Contractors & builders


3) Food & Beverage


4) Sports, Recreation, and Tourism


Challenge – To appeal mainly to the healthcare industry but to also include work in our portfolio from these other industries.

Technical challenges – Keep all or most SEO in place.

Pages (very similar to existing site)




Videos (work)


Food & Beverage

Development / Construction / Architecture

Sports / Recreation / Tourism


* There will be a Gallery page of videos / projects within each sub-section. Then each project / video will have its own unique page. All of these individual pages can be the same, so only one “project” page design will be required.


Case Studies


*We will provide all content and writing.