We are looking for another full-time member to our team of remote developers.

What we are looking for:

  • A developer who likes remote work in a tightly integrated team. We use Slack and Basecamp for communication and project management.
  • Preferably european time-zone, but exceptions can be made if the right person comes along.
  • Someone with experience. You need to know this stuff, and not rely on stack overflow answers via google for 80% of your code.
  • Someone who can start around february.
  • Fluent in written english

What you MUST know:

  • PHP (of course)
  • WordPress theming
  • WordPress plugin basics
  • WordPress core basics (common functions/hooks etc)
  • WooCommerce
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery and vanilla JS
  • Basic AJAX functionality
  • Git

It’s a bonus if you also know:

  • Some JS framework such as React/Angular/Backbone etc
  • Bower
  • WordPress REST API
  • Server-side tech such as Varnish Cache
  • Vagrant
  • Underscores

What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Agency applicants (we’re looking for a single person to join our team, not out-sourcing partners)
  • Someone who claims they know WP dev but only does child-themes for stuff like Hybrid/Genesis etc. You need to be able to whip up a custom WP theme in your sleep.
  • People who are good at PHP programming etc. but don’t have particular WP experience (you need to be well experienced with all things WP, just being a good coder doesn’t cut it)
  • Freelancers who want to offer their regular hourly services or project based setups. We’re looking for a full-time worker, for a fixed salary.

This job listing is posted on wphired.com. Any applications that don’t originate from there will be discarded without opening. Also, since to many outsourcing firms and freelancers don’t even read the job listing and requirements, any applications that don’t start with the text “Code is poetry” will be discarded without opening.


About Knight Digital

We're a local web/WP agency that work mostly towards ad agencies as their web devs. As such, we receive fairly high quality projects, and often get ready designs from our partners. A small team, both local and remote workers.