Aloha from Hawaii, my name is Kit and I am a designer, photographer and videographer living on Kauai and I work full time as a creative director for another company and no longer myself. I recently picked up some extra local work that I need to sub out as I do not have time for all the projects.

I need someone to take the pages from the old Joomla website and add them to the new WordPress template. I want to use the sample data so it will be as easy as building the menus and adding the content directly into the code of the sample data. I will handle all the photography, main design and SEO.

Please provide an hourly quote with how much you charge hourly to create all the following content for the pages from current site – http://thenui.com to the new site – https://2018newsite.thenui.com

The best candidate will start off with 1 project with the option to grow to 3 quickly.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Kit F.