We are seeking select WordPress Theme Developers to partner with for our plugin affiliate program. Our all-in-one Marketing Plugin for WordPress, Inbound Brew, is a full-featured marketing plugin that can enhance any WordPress theme through custom forms, CTA buttons, emails, lead management, and more.

Our preferred affiliate program for WordPress Theme Developers provides our affiliates more recurring revenue with no additional work. Our affiliates simply resell our plugin with their Wordpress theme and then enjoy a percentage of the Plugin’s monthly subscription cost. Not only does this create an ongoing stream of revenue, it also adds more value to your theme, such as the ability to create custom landing pages, CTA buttons, forms, and more. Our plugin simply compliments your theme and functions as an insert-all-features addition to your theme…. With no additional work or cost for you.

In addition to these benefits, we offer our affiliates an outlet to reach new customers through our Preferred WordPress Theme list. We will list you under our premium theme creators list that links directly back to your sales site (or we can create a one for you)– Whichever you prefer.

We are only offering this program to select theme creators. Please reach out to Corinne at [email protected] to apply or learn more.


About Inbound Brew

INBOUND BREW IS AN ALL-IN-ONE MARKETING PLUGIN THAT OFFERS SEO AND INBOUND MARKETING TOOLS. Our full-featured marketing plugin both compliments and enhances WordPress themes and websites through through custom forms, CTA buttons, emails, lead management, and more.