I need to customize a WordPress Child theme. I’m using Avada theme. Some of the functions of the original theme is not working on the child theme. I nee to:

  1. Fix the category page display to display sub-categories instead of displaying the products
  2. Fix picture size for the products in the sub-category pages and make sure they look all same in the size
  3. Fix search to search for the product post type instead of core search functionality that search as posts only
  4. Customize the search page template to make the results look similar to the sub-category pages
  5. Build functionality for product filter to narrow down the search results according to the selected criteria (search page or subcategory page)
  6. Customize the header template to display operator pic
  7. Add a theme option to set the operator pic to be used in the header template
  8. Customize the brand template
  9. Customize the single product page to set the product title on top of the product gallery like in the reference site