On behalf of our company – GP Radionuclides, we require freelancers who are interested in partnering with our firm as an associate. They will be provided with Individual ID and other documents after verification. Once they are selected they will be given leads on our projects as per their respective areas. They can also outsource clients on behalf of us, and they will be paid accordingly. Our company is classified under Service provider and Business consulting sector. We offer Ground penetrating radar services, Radiation security and detection, Noninvasive testing and Hazardous waste disposal services. To know more info about our company please do visit our official website.

About GP Radionuclides

We make conceivable cutting edge technology for the world we live in today – everything from the scaling down of hardware, to the empowering of efficient power energy and clinical advances, to supporting a bunch of fundamental broadcast communications and safeguard frameworks. We offer Ground penetrating radar services, radiation security, detection services. We also offer various testing solutions and testing equipment's.  We also offer hazardous waste disposal services.

GP Radionuclides fabricates gear and creates isotopes for atomic medication, completes exploration and material investigations. It gathers supercomputers and plans programming just as various atomic and non-atomic creative items. The organization has undertakings covering different clean energy projects, including wind energy.