Start up company Seeking a WordPress administrator who is familiar with Osmosis and can quickly upload  content and design new pages where necessary.  The site integrates Mail Chimp and WooPress.  It is envisioned that the position will grow to full time as the business gets off the ground and grows. The owners of the business run other successful businesses and therefore need someone who can work independently and creatively, and can work effectively with the development team.

About Fit & Kaboodle (tm)

Fitness with humor.
Laughter Required:
Fit & Kaboodle was built by Stefanie and Mikey, a mother-son business team. Mikey is the poster child of health and enthusiasm; Stefanie, affectionately called Eeyore by her own mother, is joining kicking and screaming all the way. But both agree that laughter is required no matter where you fall on the spectrum. So come on and join us for the ride!