Findsome & Winmore is in search of a passionate (central Florida-based) web developer to take on projects involving writing front-end markup, CMS implementation and customization. We build a lot of our projects in WordPress but you should still be familiar with many other solutions and be able to choose the right one based on our clients’ needs. Most of our projects are built in the LAMP/LEMP stack so you should also be comfortable with provisioning the environments for your projects. There may also be opportunities for you to design the projects you’ll be building, so an understanding of interaction design and user experience are a definite plus. As a developer, our organization relies on your technical expertise to help provide the best solutions for our clients and our organization. We pride ourselves on being flexible not only to meet the goals of our clients, but also on our ability to think outside of the box for our clients. You should be willing to challenge ideas and help drive innovation at our agency.


Ability to markup simple and complex designs
Experience with builds on CMSs or frameworks like WordPress, Laravel and Drupal
Comfortable with front-end UI frameworks such as Vue.js and Angular
Working knowledge of CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, TailwindCSS and in-depth understanding of CSS pre/post-processors.
Ecommerce experience (WooCommerce, Shopify)
Compatibility within our family atmosphere and development team
Drive to push and apply your knowledge of technology & design to what you do
Ability to work closely with project managers and help them deliver quality work based on their clients’ needs and your technical expertise of the web
Portfolio of work on the web


Building websites and progressive web apps of many different scales with varying levels of complexity
Building emails and newsletters for a variety of different email service providers ex: SendGrid, MailChimp, Emma (and for a large variety of email clients)
Working with existing websites to extend existing structures or building additional features
Working with a designer to turn their designs into living, functional websites
Deploying projects to a variety of environments
Performing quality assurance testing on your peers’ work on multiple devices and operating systems
Constantly evaluating the development team’s processes to make improvements and find efficiencies


Extensive experience with Linux server management and hosting platforms like DigitalOcean and Rackspace
Experience with cloud computing platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS & Heroku)
Ability to write javascript without the use of a library like jQuery
Ability to turn a static design mockup into HTML/CSS fairly quickly
Ability to conform to a variety of programming patterns from project to project
Familiarity with WordPress in doing things like creating custom themes (PHP), setting up hooks, and using ACF
Experience querying and Maintaining databases with MySQL
Operating knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud (primarily Photoshop and Illustrator)
Ability to set up task runners or module bundlers such as gulp or webpack
Ability to appreciate quality design and well thought out user experiences
Enjoy learning, teaching, and showing others cool stuff
Comfortable with using a git and using a workflow such as gitflow or github’s workflow
Have a passion for what you do and can work well others
Comfortable with the command line
Have a portfolio of your past work and the role you played in each
Ability to mockup your own designs or build out prototypes in programs like Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma to visualize your ideas
Understanding of user experience and the ability to identify weak points in a digital experience
Understanding of security both on the web and in programming
Knowledge of Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager (setting up goals, campaigns, and event tracking)
Experience working with third-party web APIs


Experience building and deploying native iOS/Android apps (Swift, SwiftUI, Kotlin, Flutter)
Knowledge of web animation frameworks (ex: Lottie)
Experience with WebGL or other experiential platforms (AR/VR)
Experience working in Confluence/JIRA/Workamajig and/or agile methodologies
Ready to apply? Send an email to info@findsomewinmore.com and tell us about your work, expertise, and a link to your portfolio to get started. If we think you might be fit for this role, we’ll be in touch with you.