I need a very professional looking, but simple & budget website to sell 2 products: a finance course (incl. 40hr of video lessons, 1,000+ PPT slides & 100+ excel templates) and an internship placement program (which includes the course & a final quiz with certificate). The website can be very small 2/3 pages to showcase products, download a PDF brochure & show previous users reviews + a member login area after user pays one-off fee

Design: I can provide you a PPT version of the website for you to copy (professional, inspirational, authoritative website)
Timeframe: no rush
Budget: low cost, essential
Audience: finance students & young professionals / job seekers

Starting from zero (no url nor domain yet). I am interested to learn you set-up cost to build the website ready for sales + the recurring annual costs (hosting, security etc ) – thanks

Please email & we can then have a briefing call  financeanalystcourse@gmail.com