Experienced WordPress Developer required with forum, polling, journey planner and subgroup broadcasting knowledge

I am seeking to hire an experienced wordpress developer that has a broad knowledge of the different forum plugins which are available on the market which can be tailored to interact with forum sub groups via polls and the scraping of meta data from these forum subgroups. If the developer also understood how to integrate a smart journey planner into the website then that would be good to allow members to post and pin items within forums from different journeys that they are taking and talking about within the forum area of the website:

The wordpress developer would ideally have knowledge on how to incorporate survey features into forums and how to push new site members into structured forum categories to create mailing lists of different user groups by forum title.

I have built an initial WordPress Beta version website using the following plugins and themes and require an experienced hand to finish the job professionally and add new functionality .

(Holidays themes template_travellers blog)
(Ultimate reviews plug-in premium)
(Ultimate product Catalog WordPress premium plug-in)

(BBpress plugin for Forum Categorisation)

At present, the general public, on visiting the home page are asked to post product reviews and become a website member to receive monthly updates based on a specific product which they choose from a drop down (ultimate product catalog) list-box. There is no backend process as yet of grouping this new member into a specific forum product or journey group apart from exporting their review and product name to excel.

I would like to interact with the new website community members by subgroups and have the ability to aggregate, slice and dice information using AI or inbuilt features within each sub forum to share on a monthly basis with peers within that subforum. Ideally, I’d like off the shelf solutions so that a site administrator can be employed to approve posts,block posts with a few days training on wordpress backend.

Ideally, I need the developer to implement the following functionality.

1.By selecting two products from a dropdown listbox product A  and B on the home page or by entering a specific journey route start and finish, I would like the new member to be added to a mailing list which categorizes their membership status according to the product choices they have made as a primary and secondary category. A plugin feature should collect all new members and group them by their choice of products A and B  or start and end journey to then allow the admin to poll this target group using closed and open questions group dependent on product chosen.


2.  I want to ensure that each new member by (unique email address) automatically also gets assigned to a forum sub-category feed dependent on the two product choices (or journey start/finish) that they have made on the homepage. The developer should deploy forum plugin /software which has smart features which would generate updated email content to the subgroup categories at the end of each month. These smart feature may be things like most upvoted comment in your product  AB forum, new pinned businesses in your product forum, Wordcloud of the month from your forum, monthly community initiatives in your forum etc.

3. In addition, I then want to use a suitable forum plug in or premium software that gives me as administrator, the option to poll subcategory forum users on closed ended (tick one of three options) and open ended questions.(comments) on monthly intervals and collect the results in an aggregated or dis-aggregated way . e.g. if 100 subforum users responded to a question based on eg. 60% yes, 20% no 30% unsure. I would want to be able to see an excel spreadsheet that breaks down the polling results by unique email address and forum subcategory title .

At the moment, In the prototype that I have built I am currently using the BBPress plugin as a basic categorisation holding page but I would like to create smart ways of pulling out the most useful shared information within a forum category perhaps using keyword algorithms,NLP, most upvoted comment, most liked media post, new business pins etc., most active user etc.

I have two less important tasks which I think might be easier to implement. The first is adding more granularity to the Review collection process which doesn’t then make the search feature messy and overloaded with subcategory comments and scores. At the moment I am using the Ultimate review overall rating system even though I had originally designed each review to cover 7 categories using this tool. Whilst the additional categories provided better insights at the review stage , they seemed to then crowd the website results when entering keyword searches so I disabled this feature.

Secondly,I want to manage the upload of video clips to the website by creating a video library page which only allows users the option to post videos in accordance with strict selection criteria. So to post a video on the website they would need to choose a country, city, and tick 2 other categories before the video would be sent to admin to review and publish. At the moment any reviews or uploads from members need to be approved and email verified before they appear on the website but if the traffic was to grow substantially I would like a solution to the video library which is able to scale up video uploads from different formats and devices without impacting webpage speed and user experience.

Finally, I’d like the wordpress developer to analyse the layout and sidebar menus on my website to ensure that any non-necessary menus are dropped and to ensure that the user experience is as inviting as possible making them want to join the site and feel that they will receive useful information in signing up. Some suggestions on sharing tools to grow the website community would also be welcomed.

I would prefer that the features added to the website are installed using plug-ins rather than bespoke code so that an administrator could easily get to grips with site admin and any changes to site content. I am prepared to accept bespoke adjustments however if that is the only way to set up the grouping, broadcasting and survey features which I am looking to create from this member community site.

I would like to utilise drop down menu selections to bucket new users into subgroups and target groups within the community to then interact with them over time and provide them with aggregated information from other site users within their subcategory.

Full details of the website can be provided after an NDA has been signed.

I look forward to explaining and sharing the website at the earliest opportunity.

Kind regards