I have a financial blog that I’m having difficulties managing since I have no experience in any of these matters.  Recently, I hired support from upwork and they’ve made matters worse.  My domain was transferred from godaddy to AWS and their services are complicated,

I’ve lost connection to my email.  My website is no longer secured.  A bitmap logo appears on the front end—used by developer—providing a management tool all visitors can see.  I lost a plugin and can not redownload it since the file still exists.

The only benefit was their Zapier fix, an app I use to automate workflow.  At this point, I believe I’d like to simplify my website to ensure I can manage it going forward.  I have 1-2 months where I can work on this website everyday before having to return to work.  Once I have to work again I won’t have as much time.


I really need somebody who can help me fix plugin issues, SSL, email, sitemap, and an array of other things.  I’d also like a person who can provide and help me with ideas for gaining audience.

My intent is to begin youtube and video content but I literally have no time for any work because all of it is spent trying to fix problems I know nothing about.

Im on a limited budget but I’m willing to hire someone for an average of 5-10 hours a week for the next 2 months.  By then I need a solid and reliable website that has a plan to increase traffic.


I know this is a lot of random jobs/requests but I don’t want to deal with multiple freelancers because it’s impractical and each person has different ideas and ways of doing things which affects the website.

About Basel

I follow monetary policy and the Federal Reserve.  My intent has been to provide articles covering Wall Street, Fed, regulators, corruption, and Transparency.  However, I've lacked the time to do my work and I've really spent most of my time dealing with website problems.

I've realized now that it's important I limit my work and potential problems.

So, my goal is to continue sharing material using Zapier(Feedly-->Wordprss) This is simple because I spend at least an hour a day reading economic news and zapier allows me to post articles with one click.

I have a few other pages which I'll keep simple and can manage.  Then my work is posting an article or two a month and one main project which is a research newsletter.

At this moment, the two main issues are with my SSL and email being down thanks to another party moving my domain/Hosting to AWS from godaddy.  However, after this is complete I need mobile functionality addressed, website optimization, SEO, and other little aspects which makes this job complicated because of the range of skills/knowledge.  Once website is in good condition i need to ensure SEO/sitemap and related details that will affect SEO are fixed.  In the next two months I will be pushing out a lot of content and marketing to ensure a solid base of followers is formed before I have to return to another part time job.

I really need help because I have no experience.  Unfortunately, my needs require a huge range in services and knowledge.