Frontend and Backend WordPress Developer at Baeldung


Job Description

Baeldung helps developers explore the Java ecosystem and simply be better engineers. We publish to-the-point guides and courses, with a strong focus on building web applications, Spring, Spring Security, and RESTful APIs. Our platform is a highly optimized WordPress instance that serves over 12m page hits a month with about 2750 active visitors at peak. The platform is run on a mature theme, several custom plugins and third-party plugins such as CF7, Elementor, Advanced Access Manager, W3 Total Cache.

We are looking for two intermediate PHP / WordPress Developers for a part-time role of a minimum of 10 hrs weekly.

1.    A frontend developer,

2.    A backend developer

When sending your application please make sure that you are clear on which of the two roles you are applying for.

Nature of Work

This is a 100% remote role.

Our company is 100% remote relying on asynchronous communication to keep in touch since our team is spread throughout the world and different time zones. We use tools including Email, Jira, Trello, and Slack to keep track of projects to communicate.


Roles and Responsibilities

Implementing both backend and frontend features.

Working on reported issues and bugs and implementing their fixes.

Coordinating with the leadership for new products and services.



Mandatory Requirements

Must have 3 to 5 years’ experience with PHP/Javascript full stack development (either frontend and backend) including a minimum of 3 years WordPress experience.

Must have built or been part of a team that built a WordPress Theme / Plugin.

Must have worked as part of a team, rather than just a solo freelancer: Including experience working with, reading, reviewing, debugging, and maintaining other developers’ code.

Must have demonstrable knowledge of WordPress security gaps, exploits, and the means to plug, fix, and how to stay ahead of these, both in coding and management of plugins/themes.

Must have proficiency with git (we use Bitbucket).

Available for a minimum of 10+ hours weekly.

Desired Experience

Experience working in a remote environment using tools such as Jira, Slack, Trello, etc.

Familiarity with CSS / JavaScript / WordPress coding standards and best practices.

Familiarity with CI/CD (Jenkins), OOP, types, Unit Tests and phpdoc code commenting / documentation.

Some experience working with a high traffic website and challenges faced eg. cloudflare, cache invalidation, mysql max-connections, PHP workers – pools – children – etc..

Familiarity with optimizing WordPress code for themes / plugins.

Some familiarity with multisite WordPress deployments.

Some experience with npm/grunt.


Bonus skills

Some experience managing a WordPress website.

Some experience with the plugins we use e.g., CF7, Elementor, Advanced Access Manager, W3 Total Cache.

Some familiarity with other tools that are used eg, Google Analytics, Microsoft clarity, Semrush, etc


Rate / Payment

$24 – $28 hourly depending on background and experience.


Application Process

The interview process will have the following parts:

1. Application/CV screening

2. General questions response

3. Paid Code Test

4. Culture Interview Call

5. Job Offer


How to Apply

Send an email with your details to [email protected], making sure your subject matter contains the role you are applying for. Also mention the job board you got the application from.


About Baeldung

Baeldung is a technical site that publishes tutorials on Java, but also Kotlin, Scala, Linux, and general Computer Science. We publish in-depth articles and tutorials in the Java ecosystem, Linux, CS and general Web Development, with a strong focus on Spring, Spring Security and RESTful APIs.