About Skillcrush

Skillcrush is a rapidly growing online tech education company that offers online classes on a variety of technological topics.

At Skillcrush, we have built an open & collaborative environment. We hire the people we want to work with, but who also think differently than us and challenge the status quo. We empower people, giving the support and autonomy needed to succeed. We embrace data to make decisions and overcome obstacles. We do what we do well, but we’re always looking to do it better.

Skillcrush is an equal opportunity employer and evaluates applicants regardless of an individual’s age, race, color, gender, religion, national origin (or current homebase), sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, family status, timezone, geography, musical preferences or college football allegiances. We think a diverse team builds a better product!

Although based in New York City, the Skillcrush team is a remote company and welcomes job applicants from all over the world!

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