About Opus

Our team:

  • Andrew: full-stack developer, WordPress expert
  • Skadi: UX & digital director, user-testing expert
  • Ellery: art director, accessibility expert
  • Emily, Casey, Heidi, Kim: web design team
  • Levon: brand strategy director
  • Lily: creative director, writer
  • Julia: creative director, manager
  • Amy: bookkeeper, office manager

The developer we are hiring will be closely collaborating with Andrew. Andrew works remotely and the new developer will work mostly on-site. So for this position, we are hoping the developer will become the lead on-site who can also attend occasional in-person client meetings. We are hiring for our Boston location.

We are team of geeks who really care about doing awesome work. We take our work seriously but we also have a lot of fun. We invented "funsponsible". We celebrate birthdays and already had a studio wedding (yup, Opus was the match-maker).

Who we serve:

Opus exists to promote good through purposeful design. We carefully select our clients and only partner with organizations that are inspiring and passionate about making the world better in some way – big or small. While we spend a lot of our time in the Education, Non-Profit, and Food & Beverage sectors, we serve well-intentioned organization of all different sizes across many industries.

What we value:

  • Creativity – challenging boundaries, exploring, embracing different approaches
  • Curiosity – continuing to learn, asking lots of questions, actively seeking inspiration
  • Caring – being human, empathy, owning the well-being of each other and our clients
  • Collaboration – not being a diva, craving the exchange of ideas
  • Commitment – perseverance, moving forward together, dedicating wholeheartedly
  • Productivity – having a bias for action, not being a bottleneck, remaining flexible

All of us at our Boston headquarters work on-site at our bright and inspiring studio in the heart of Cleveland Circle. We understand and support the need, on occasion, to work from home but we value the collaboration that working together in the studio provides.

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